Are you:

  • Tired of your same old assessments?
  • Seeking lesson formats that will challenge your students?
  • Looking for apps or websites to make learning more accessible?
  • In need of ideas that will help you collaborate more creatively?
  • Interested in “hacks” you can use to make planning for all more efficient
    and effective?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, you have chosen the right book to skim, read, re-read, highlight, mark up with pencils, markers, and sticky notes; and share with colleagues! This user-friendly guide will help you learn more about universal design by exploring the practices associated with it.

Keeping up with new models, methods, and materials can feel overwhelming. I designed this book for busy educators like you who may not have time to search websites for hours, attend a series of workshops, or read a multi-chapter book cover-to-cover in order to plan effective and appropriately challenging lessons for all students in the diverse classroom.